Tonya Goynes

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Tonya Goynes

North Texas

Tonya Goynes joins Group 4 with twelve years of diversified experience in the DFW Design community. It all started in Northwest Arkansas where she obtained her Bachelor of Interior Design Degree from The University of Arkansas. She then began her design career focused on hospitality at DMU and Leo A Daly.

As an Interior Designer, she attained true perspective for the importance of communication through specifications and contract documents to insure that all parties involved on a project had a clear understanding of the design intent.

During her time as a Sales Professional at Bauhaus Interiors Group, a contract furniture dealership, she managed furniture procurement, coordinated installation, and set client expectations of project time frame.

As a Manufacturer’s Representative for Paoli the last three years, she obtained valuable experience working closely with the factory to chaperone design firm vision throughout the fabrication process.

At a time in her career where Tonya is able to fill the gap between Baby Boomers and Millenniums, her primary goal is to be a viable resource to the A&D community.

She plans to do this by keeping a thoughtful mind for sustainability, being conscience of codes in our multi-faceted industry, and staying current with trends by completing annual CEU’s as an NCIDQ requirement.

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