Jane Mott

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Jane Mott

Oklahoma / Arkansas

Jane Mott received her interior design degree from California College of Arts in San Francisco and Oakland. After working several years for architectural/design firms, she received her NCIDQ and started her own company exclusively doing interiors layouts and design for Trammell Crow Properties in Oklahoma.

Jane took several years off from the business to stay at home with her daughter and then returned to work part time at Allen’s Floor System’s, specifying carpet for commercial projects.

Jane started back full time in the industry with Scott Rice, the Steelcase Dealer in Oklahoma, where, over the next 8 years, she grew the market share of healthcare sales throughout the state. Working directly with Facility & Materiel Management at hospitals or with A&D firms with product evaluations and selections, Jane exceeding her goals each year.

After she left the Steelcase family, she worked independently, driving healthcare sales through Oklahoma healthcare facilities, as well as working with the Native American Indians on their clinics, hospitals and casinos developing commercial sales.

Jane is looking forward to the next chapter in her furniture industry career with Group 4!! What an exciting opportunity!

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