Reshaping the way people envision a workspace.

ERGOBOND is a company that is reshaping the way people envision a workspace. They do it by studying the people that inhabit the spaces and their true motives and propose solutions adapted to the people. They understand that as technology advances, there are new possibilities that are waiting to be explored. The constraints of the past have vanished, and the era of standard cubicles are long gone. 

ERGOBOND has a remarkable line of single column, none-electric, height-adjustable desks, the line also known as SNAP™ has caught the attention of ergonomic fanatics and industry designers for their impressive smoothness and adaptation to different environments. They also offer single column custom meeting desks (TeamUp Eigen™) which coordinates with the rest of the series and also has height adjustment. The meeting desks are perfect for those agile companies looking to host meetings that start from kickoff to implementation in a go. 

They also offer a range of unique and dynamic product. Their office biking desk, featured by NeoCon 2019 (FitDesk® Pro) is a 3 in 1 desk that functions as a full setup solution that transforms in three different workstyle (Sit, Stand and Bike). Last but not least, they also have a range of accessories from acoustic whiteboards to height-adjustable 360 Tv Monitors all designed to fit the needs of modern active workspace. 

Are you looking for modern solutions to your workplace and think ERGOBOND is what you have been looking for? Get in touch with us, Group 4, their official representative in the region.

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