Dallis Graham

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Dallis Graham

Oklahoma / Arkansas

Dallis comes from a combined background in interior design and small business ownership. She embarked on her first business venture in Tulsa in 1997 (a wholesale candle manufacturing company called Aromatic Earth) taking it from concept to market and selling for a profit in three years. In those three years, she exhibited in trade shows in Oklahoma, Texas, and Oregon, was picked up by two showrooms in the Dallas Market and worked with sales reps in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

In 2001, following the sale of her candle business, she entered school for interior design and began working an internship with Tulsa design firm Blue Moon Interior Design where she took part in floor planning, presentations, furniture & finish selections, product specifications, and installations.

During her second year of design school, an opportunity arose for Dallis and her husband to purchase an existing doughnut shop in Pawnee, OK. She stepped aside from design for a time to pursue the new venture. She and her husband streamlined the doughnut business and increased sales by 200% within the first year, eventually selling for a net gain.

Dallis spent three years at home raising her daughter, and returned to the workforce in 2008. She worked in the Dean of Students’ office at Oklahoma State University’s medical school in Tulsa while completing coursework toward her degree. In 2010 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business from Southern Nazarene University, and completed her Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design at TCC two years later.

She has been a member of both ASID and IIDA and served on the IIDA Tulsa City Center Council in 2010/11.

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